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Review: Rume Reusable Bags

Rume which stands for Re Use Me, is an American company based in Denver, Colorado founded in 2008. Their original graphic and structural designs are made in the USA and manufactured in South Korea. Rume prides themselves on being a socially responsible, and environmentally friendly company with a fashionable twist. They strongly abide by fair trade policies which promotes fair wages, fair work hours, and clean, humane conditions at their factories.

From Rume's Colors Galore collection - assorted size (2010)

 Size: Medium and Macro

Product Description:

*Made of a water-resistant 180 denier polyester.

*RuMe Bags are lead-free. Product tested and approved by Intertek.

*These bags can hold up to 30-50lbs. (mini holds 30lbs, medium and macro holds - 50lbs)

*Sewed with box-stitch sides and bottom -So it can retain it's structure while holding bulky items.

*Sewed with double stitching. -This creates tight stitching making the bags durable and strong.

*The bag has a long 11.5" handle in the Medium size, 12" handle in the Macro size and 8 "handle in the Mini size, for comfort.

*It can be rolled up to a compact size equivalent to a cell phone and is held together by a velcro tie.

*Made of machine-washable fabric (in cold water and air dry)

*Rume estimates that 1 bag (medium) can hold the same amount as 3 plastic grocery bags.

 Can hold groceries, gym items (like yoga mats, balls, sneakers, etc), beach items, kids toys, diapers, etc.

Where I purchased it:
At Hautelook, which is an online store that offers discounted high end items: apparel, accessories, home items, cosmetics, and more to their customers that signs up. Their inventory changes daily.

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Rume individual bags goes from $8.95 to $11.95 You can also get it in a collect of  3 packs for a better deal.

I got these for about $5 each through Hautelook last year. They might have it on Hautelook again, I am not sure since Hautelook's inventory changes daily.

Product Size:
Are available in different sizes
Mini= 11" x 11" x 4"
Medium= 15.5" x 15.5" x 4"
Macro= 17" x 17" x 8"

These Rume bags has a convenient velcro tie that helps the bag to stay neatly rolled up and compact for travel.
Rume has a vast selection of different colors and designs for everyone. Personally I love all the bold prints and colors, but you can also get solid primary or muted colors.

Product Review:
In my initial thought, I was skeptical of it's durability and strength, since the material was thin and had a crunchy feel to it.  Boy was I wrong. I tested the Rume bag out during a long vacation and found it to be really tough with a vast amount of room for regular, oversized, and bulky items. The handle straps are wide, which made it really comfortable on the shoulders. The opening space is long and wide, which gave my arms ample room to move around even with bulky and heavy items in the bag.  I used the medium sized one. This is the orange bag with arrow patterns on it, I am not sure if this pattern is still available. I got it about a year ago. It is pretty huge, for example I can fit a large pack of toilet paper in it with room to spare.

I really like the fact that it is water proof, which means I can pack milk, juices, raw meat and other wet items without ruining the bag. It is really easy to clean the Rume bag. All you have to do is wipe it with a wet sponge, towel, or some sanitizing wipes. When it is really dirty it is machine washable! Just run it on Cold and air-dry it.

I love how it folds up to a compact small size that I can just toss in my handbag for future use. The velcro tie tightly holds the bag together without any shift, so it stays folded without any unraveling.

How to fold Rume Bags:
Graphics Created and Copyrighted by Rume  click here to read more about Rume FAQ

Would I repurchase? Yes, I heart my Rume Bags!  :O)
I also got 2 more for gifts, from Rume's Silicon Valley pattern collection.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5

Product Available:
Rume Bags

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