Saturday, February 19, 2011

Review: Nail Beauty 4U (through Amazon)

About the Company:
Nail Beauty 4 U is an online store that specialize in selling nail polishes, nail accessories, hair products, lotions, and other beauty related items. Not only do they have an online storefront, they also sale through amazon too. So if you are uncomfortable purchasing on their site, you can also get certain items on Amazon.  Their website is also powered by Amazon's secure checkout technology. All purchases are backed by Amazon's A-to-z-Guarantee.

My first experience with the company:
I purchase the China Glaze Crackle Collection at Nail Beauty 4 U through Amazon.  It was an easy, safe, and fast checkout system on Amazon.  Nail Beauty 4 U 's Amazon storefront has a really good reviews by it's customers. Their website is used and liked by customers who mentions them on the forums.

My opinions on their shipping time and packaging:
My purchase arrived so fast! It only took 3 days, shipped via USPS priority mail.  This is from the time of purchase to the time when the package arrived at my destination.

I am also very happy with how they package the items. They carefully wrapped each individual polish with bubble wrap. 

Customer Service:
I didn't have any questions with customer service since I didn't encounter any concerns or problems during my purchase.

I had a positive experience with my first purchase with Nail Beauty 4U through Amazon. I had no problems with the product, delivery time,  and packaging. They were prompt and professional. Their checkout process was easy, and fast. I receive your purchase receipt promptly via email.

I hope this review helps anyone who decides to buy from Nail Beauty 4U through Amazon.

Company Online website:
Nail Beauty 4 U
Nail Beauty 4 U on Amazon
Nail Beauty 4 U Amazon Customer Ratings


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