Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ekilove Jewelry

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Sorry my picture isn't that great, I had bad lighting in the house.

Hi everyone,

I recently received my first order from Ekilove and it is divine. If you haven't heard of Ekilove, it is a company designed, owned, a created by Erika Kimura a.k.a. Eki. She is a very talented artist who recently opened her online store last year in 2009. She makes unique pieces of kawaii inspired jewelry, hair accessories, and cutesy pouches. I missed out but wow she made DS cases too! All her creations are handmade and her attention to detail are exquisitely seen in her designs and her packaging.

It is amazing how fast her original kawaii inspired designs sell out. In her last sale, some of her pieces sold out within 15 minutes! I missed out twice on her sales before, fortunately I was lucky enough to order this time around. The best way to find out when her jewelry are available would be to follow her on twitter.

Here are some items I ordered. I even got free goodies (candies, face mask, bow earrings, a hime ring) from Eki herself. Thank you Eki for the being so generous.

Alice Earrings

Royal Princess Necklace

Princess Couture Bracelet

Free Goodies from Eki! :o)

I had a very positive ordering experience. Even though she is really busy , she manages to be really sweet, helpful, and swift in communicating with her customers. And I love her unique cutesy, kawaii jewelry creations.

I am big supporter of small independent artists and designers, and I will definitely repurchase from this wonderful company, Ekilove . I am really excited to see Eki's next creative creations.

Hope the review helps anyone who decides to purchase from Ekilove.
Ekilove Store

Eki Blog

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Beginnings of Spring

White Flowers
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Yesterday, I just raked with my hubby. It was a beautiful day, so I decided to take some pictures of the budding plants in the yard. Spring is here, yeah! Nice weather, sunshine, and beautiful plants.


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