Friday, February 4, 2011

New Year Gift Wrapping Tip and Idea

For the Lunar New Years I wanted to wrap something special for my parents. I wanted the wrapping to look unique, fun, and festive.  I decided to use a red silk scarf as my wrapping material. In Asia red represents good luck and prosperity.  I also added a touch of festivity, by using a gold ingot decor. Gold ingot were used as currency in China in the past, they now represent prosperity and wealth.

Materials used:
  1. Any Red fabric or a color of your liking. I used a red silk scarf. It also doubles as a gift scarf and wrapping material.
  2. Any decorative ribbon. I used a thick band fabric material with sequined edges. It has metal wiring in it so that you can shape it.
  3. Any decorative hanging decor. I used a gold ingots hanging decor.

Wrapping Steps:
  1. I first wrap the item which is a framed picture with ream printing paper, it didn't have any wrapping paper so I improvised.  It doesn't really matter what material you are wrapping it with, you just want the fabric to grip on a stable, semi rough surface for stability.
  2. Then you place the item on the fabric and wrap it around the item. Folding the two opposite corners to the middle.
  3. Holding the fabric in place, you then take your ribbon, placing it flat in the front of your item and tying a knot in the back. Then you wrap it to the front and make another knot. 
  4. Before you make a bow, loop in the hanging decor through the ribbon. 
  5. Tie the bow. And Voila! You are done! 

Hope you enjoy the wrapping tip! Have a great New Year!

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