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About the company: is an online cosmetic store that specializes in selling  mostly Asian beauty, cosmetic, and hair products. They also sell cutesy fashion like Ulzzang eye frames, jewelry, and many more cute items.  They are an American based company in Portland, Oregon. Janie Wang is the creator and founder of the company since it's debut since 2008. The company major product line is Lioelle, a popular Korean brand. prides itself as a certified retailer of Lioele Cosmetic products and many other popular Asian brands. Their business brand specifically sells princess, cute, and kawaii items.

Not only can you buy their products online, but they also have an online presence on:


They also have storefront where you can pick up your purchases if you live around the Portland, Oregon area.

My first Experience with the company:
My first purchase with this company was during their 2 week Valentine sale.  Prettyancute had a special sales on Circle Lens.  Each pair were on sale from about $13-$17. I took advantage of this sale and purchased some Geo Lens. I also used the code provided by Jen from From From Head to Toe . Code below.

My Opinions on their shipping time and packaging:
My purchase took 6 days to arrive. This is from the time of purchase to the time when the package arrived at my destination. That's pretty fast considering it was shipped from the west to the east coast via USPS first class shipping.

I was pleasantly surprise at how the package was so nicely and safely boxed with packing peanuts. The Geo lens bottles I got were also neatly and compactly packaged in the company's simple yet cute plastic bag. 

Products in Picture above are:
  • Geo Lens
  • Free Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm Sample
  • Free Lioele Mirror -- this mirror is so adorable! I love it !
  • Red Lucky envelope inside is Prettyandcute business card
Customer services:
Janie and the prettyandcute customer service staff were nice, and thorough with their responses. They handle themselves with the utmost professionalism and really cared to clarify and answer my concerns. For me,  the response time was always within a 24 hours business day. I find that if you want a quicker response, just visit their Facebook or Twitter page.  I see a lot of customer inquires there and their responses are pretty much in real time .

Prettyandcute Discount Codes:
Free promotion codes from my most favorite blogger I follow:
**Jen From From Head to Toe**

Her codes are:
  • "jenmirror" ---> for a free Lioele mirror (hot or light pink)
  • "frmheadtotoe" --->for a free Lioele foundation brush
*Codes for purchase $35 or more
*Remember to add 1 of the product of your choice into your cart before the deduction occurs.
*I don't know the expiration date if any.

My first purchase and experience with prettyandcute was a positive one.  All my products arrived nicely packed and intact. Their checkout process was easy, and fast. I also received my receipt promptly via email after purchase. And their products are just so cute!

Company Online website:

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