Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review & Rave: Stila Lip Glaze Stick

Product Description:
  • This is a lip glaze formula is a convenient, easy to use pencil stick form.
  • It sweet smell and tasty.
  • This has a moisturizing formula for hydration.
  • This has a shimmering and pearl gloss finish.
Where I purchased it:

Price: $5.49 (sale: $2)

Product Size: 3.2grams or 0.11oz

I love how this lip gloss is in a stick form. I makes it very easy to apply in a hurry. It allows you to be precise similar to a lip pencil except this is jumbo size. 

It is easily sharpen with a larger pencil sharpener.  The wooden pencil itself is really good quality. There is no splinter, the wood if very smooth after sharpening, which is a plus.

Product Review:
Product glides on easily. It is very hydrating and is not sticky. It has a high gloss appearance to it. 

The lip glazes I have a super glossy and shimmery, glitter appearance to them. So if you don't like that look then these aren't for you, but personally I love them.

These Stila lip glaze sticks has a really juicy sweet pleasant scent.

I find these more sanitary then their lip glazes in the platic tubes with the brush applicator.

Berry- A darkish purple plum color with small silver specs of glitter
Vallina-A nudish peach color with iridescent glitter
Apricot-A light peachy color with silver glitter
Grapefruit-A bright blueish pink color with iridescent glitter


How I apply it:
I just use this product like a lip liner. I just "draw" it onto my lips. The lip glaze stick is very low maintenance and great on the go or when you are in a rush.

Would I repurchase? Yes,
I love this lip glaze stick. It is very smooth, hydrating, and gives a very glossy and sparkly look.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5

Product Available:
Item recently discontinued, but still available on some online shops

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