Thursday, March 3, 2011

Review: Kit Kat Cola and Lemon Soda - Limited Edition

This is a limited edition by KitKat made by Nestle from Japan. It comes in 2 flavors Cola and Lemon Soda. 

This comes in a duo pack. 

Product Review:
The crunchy wafers and soft chocolate melts and melds together nicely. I love how the Kitkat is not too sweet. It is just right.
Each packet is 100 calories too, not too shabby. 

Cola Flavor 
Comes in a red and white wrapping. Has a creamy light brown beige color.  It smells like Cola soda and is slightly tangy with little bursts of fizzle, like soda!  The tang is not too strong, but there is a little tangy after taste, personally I like it, but the flavor wasn't as extraordinary or unique as I expected.

Lemon Flavor
This comes in a yellow and red wrapping.
This has a creamy light yellow lemony color. It smells and taste like lemon cake.  It has a stronger tangy and sour taste to it compared to the Cola Flavor one. Personally, I like the lemon flavor, it doesn't smell or taste too overly powerful.

Overall I liked it.  I prefer the Lemon Soda flavor over the Cola Flavor Kitkat, it was like eating lemon cake.  (^__^) mmmmm

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