Sunday, January 16, 2011

Review: Tokidoki Headphones by Skullcandy, Tokidoki Mirror - Kabuki, & Tokidoki Tote

I am loving my recently  Tokidoki items( Headphones, Mirror, and Tote purchased last month. I fell in love with all of the Tokidoki art and characters the first time I saw them a couple of years ago. The first thing a ever bought from them are my precious cactus love vinyl pet dolls.   Polpettina & Bastardino! (featured below) :O)
Tokidoki is designed by Simone Legno an Italian artist whose super cute kawaii illustrations are inspired by Japanese culture (anime and manga). The word Tokidoki means "somtimes" in Japanese. Tokidoki was founded in 2005 by Legno and his two partners: Pooneh Mohajer Arnold and Ivan Arnold.  Click here to see their website.

I bought the Headphones made by Skullcandy from Marshals for $14.99.
The case makes it really convenient to carry the headphones with no tangles. The cord is made of a cotton rope material, really sturdy.  I  recently used these while traveling. The headphones are comfortable and works great. I can fit 2 headphones in the case, which is awesome. The case is super cute and I really like that is it made of vinyl for easy cleaning. (just wipe it off)

Comes with headphone, case, and extra accessories.

Has sturdy cotton cord material headphone wire.

Super Kawaii Design with great sturdy smooth working zipper.

Great roomy space, can fit 2 headphones in it

And I got the Tokodoki mirror: Kabuki, from Sephora. I used my  Beauty Insider gift card to purchase it minus the difference.

This Retails for $25, but I got it for $10.  The compact mirror and the packaging is really pretty. There is a regular and close up mirror. It opens flat and has some weight to it, but I am not using this as a travel mirror, it is just going to be on my makeup table. I love it, it is soooo Kawaii!
Tokidoki means "somtimes" in Japanese.

Front of Package

Back Packaging

Front Mirror Compact 

Back Mirror Compact with Super Cute Logo carved onto the metal compact.

2 Mirrors. I regular and magnified one. Opens flat.

And got a free Tokidoki Tote at Sephora using the code: tokienvy. I am not sure when this code expires. But I used it on Jan 6, 2011 and it worked.

The tote is made of a vinyl material. From my first impression it seems pretty sturdy and nice. I love all the designs on it, wicked cute. ehehh and my favorite Bastardino is on the front tote!

Front Tote. (tote still safely wrapped in its original plastic)

Back Tote

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