Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review: Milani Black Magic Liner & Eye Glimmer

Product Description:
A double ended pencil with a black and glitter eye liner. It is available in 6 shades ; Sterling, Blue, Green, Teal, Pink, Gold.  A two in one pencil, used to create different looks. Made in Italy

Where I purchased it: CVS (drugstore)

Amount:  $7.49 (US dollars) -prices vary from location.

Product Size:  Net Weight 0.10 oz or 3.10g

 Product Review:
I was so excited to try this. To my disappointment this eye liner is not very impressive.  The black liner, which has an undertone of a greenish gold, smudges badly. What made me get this liner was the glitter liner side. I saw the Milani Model wear the glitter gold liner and it looked beautiful. This convinced me to snatched it up at the drugstore, but upon application is was so disappointing.  When I tried to create a line with the golden glimmer liner the glitter glided everywhere. I couldn't make a glitter line, it just dispensed glitter sparsely when applied.  As shown in the picture below I had to swatch it 10 times for the glitter line to appear and 20 times for the glitter line to clearly appear. Also, the glitter didn't stay on my skin, it came off when I did a swipe test.  I don't really like this product and I returned it to the drugstore. 

How I apply it:
Apply it on your eye lid, above your lashes line, creating a line.

Would I repurchase?
NO, I would not repurchase this.
Both the black and glitter liner smudges. While the product is smooth it does not stay on for a long time. It is also hard to create a solid glitter line, glitter dispense sparsely.

Products Available:
At drugstore: CVS, (some)Walgreens, (some) Target.

Milani Cosmetics
Cherry Culture

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