Thursday, August 26, 2010

Review: Daiso Volume Cross Lashes

I got this at Daiso in Canada. They were 5 pairs for $6.50.

These lashes are pretty sturdy and it keeps it's shape well.

It isn't as flexible as human hair lashes, but for a beginner like me these are much easier to maneuver onto my lash line. The ends where the lashes meet are thick. To hide this I just used pencil or liquid liner on top of it, and ta-da it's gone!

I think these are nice for a dramatic look. It definitely makes my eyes look bigger.  They are great for the price.

Since these were too long for me I cut them into two pieces. I used the remaining piece on my lower outer  lash line.

Left Side: No Lashes                         Right Side: Lashes

   Lashes on both eyes.

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